Obsessed with photorealism

Nicholson Visualization provides 3D visuals for brands that do not compromise on quality. Brands that feel, like I do, that photorealism is not a goal but a starting point. My renderings should stand next to your photographs and be indistinguishable from the reality captured therein. They should be a testimonial of your vision that your customers can believe in.

Clients believe in Nicholson Visualization because they believe the images it creates are a reflection of reality. A decade of experience has taught me that there’s a fine line between a photorealistic picture and visuals that feel real. Sometimes it’s the lighting, sometimes a dramatic camera angle, and sometimes it’s as simple as a single prop that pushes the image into the realm of reality.

I believe the most important thing is to be a master of one’s craft. And ultimately, that’s what I want Nicholson Visualization to stand for — passionate, obsessive expertise in 3D visualization.




For inquiries please include a brief description of the project, including start/due dates and any supplementary files so I can provide you an accurate quote and timing.


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